Scholarship essay example

The title of the unambiguous scholarship essay example says that it should set out the motivation for studying at a specific alma mater. When enrolling in the master’s programs at institutes and universities in our country, with rare exceptions, such a document is not required (it partially replaces the applicant’s portfolio) abroad it is required.

A well-written scholarship essay example acquires particular weight when the chances of passing through the competition with several potential interns or applicants of a foreign college are equal. In this case, a convincing statement of the reasons that prompted the applicant to submit an application to the selected company or university would be a decisive factor in choosing a particular candidate.

Here is a good essay scholarship example:

“I am a fourth-year student at the Institute of Philology and Language Communication of the Siberian Federal University, the direction of “Linguistics”. Within the framework of the direction I study a large number of disciplines, but, as I believe, the educational process in our institute is aimed, first of all, at a deep mastery of foreign languages. Therefore, according to my future specialty, I study English and Spanish. Nevertheless, the perfect mastery of the Spanish language is paramount to me since the beginning of its study.

In my free time, I try to devote time to studying the Spanish language on my own, and I also read additional literature on the culture and geography of Spain, which is further facilitated by classes with Spanish speakers at our university. I also try to take part in various Spanish contests and festivals held by the university. In addition, I keep in touch with some Spaniards I know, which greatly helps me to improve the level of the language. I am convinced that learning Spanish in its natural environment, as well as live communication with native speakers will help me to strengthen and improve my knowledge. Therefore, I would very much like to receive this grant for studying Spanish during the summer courses at the University of Cadiz (Cursos Intensivos de Español).

I believe that the possession of such important qualities as responsibility, sociability, dedication, diligence and perseverance, will help me to take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, I can be sure that the knowledge and experience gained will help to continue further training, as well as be extremely necessary for the future profession.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity, and for my part I promise that I will do everything possible to justify your trust.”