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SEO News- EXPOSED! Google loopholes makes it easy to rank post penguin

seo news

The SEO landscape has changed and what used to work no longer does(or does it). What works now is actually kinda shocking as its still easy to rank if not easier! i promise this post will have some of the freshest SEO NEWS you consumed in months.

In this post i will share with you the SEO techniques i use to get ranked quickly . This techniques are working for both new and established sites.

Be warned the lines will become grey for some  as a few of my techniques might seem like Blackhat seo.

On that note (Black Hat vs White Hat) i no longer subscribe to the idea that they are really two majorly different ways of doing SEO since both ways are used by seo’s to manipulate the search engines to favor their site which in turn brings higher rankings and traffic.

I don’t however  believe in producing low quality content just to make a buck, i believe if you are going to manipulate the rankings you need to, provide a valuable resource for your readers or buyers.

SEO NEWS – Whats working in SEO field now :

Before i continue i must point out that most of what i will share will relate to getting high rankings in Google, that’s not to say that some of these techniques won’t work with other search engines.

After the recent algorithm updates that Google has been rolling out there has been talk that SEO is dead and that producing High quality content is the only way to rank, this however in my finding is false there are still tons of 2-5 page sites ranking for money terms, in fact i own three adsense sites at present that are still ranking post penguin for which i haven’t written a single post in a month.

 Google ranks its own properties even when its spammed :

Google has always been accused of ranking properties it owns higher up in the serps, the accusations might be true…

For instance when doing a search for a popular term like “how to make money online” two out of the first three results are youtube videos these two video’s don’t really provide any useful info for the related search term at all. This is a clear example that spammers are still catching Google with its pants down.

This is a high competition search term that gets 74,000 exact match searches per month.

Assuming the number two spot gets +-4500 hits per month,I worked it out based on the number of views the video has right now which is 12,832. They should be easily making a 6 figure income since they no doubt are ranking for loads of other long tail keywords aswell. Continue reading