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6 people you should follow for free targeted traffic


I know lots of bloggers content marketers and even companies who are confused about how and where they should be focusing their efforts when it comes to social media marketing and getting free targeted traffic.

There are so many techniques and guides out which will leave you confused and frustrated without results.

If you looking for a simple easy to follow guide, to point out what you should be doing and how it can generate you loads of leads, I’d like to offer up a technique (simple one i promise) i have been using since i started blogging (Yes this is not my only blog).

In my previous post i wrote on how to get more twitter followers, in this post i will be showing you who you should be following on the social networks and how following the right people can put your blog in front of the masses as an authority in your niche and send you loads of targeted traffic.

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photo by: Yahoo!Yodel