Get more Twitter Followers with these five simple tactics

get more twitter followers

Get more Twitter Followers the easy way

Twitter was never created to be a social network yet  today its one of the social networks in the word. Though Facebook is ranked as the number one social network in the world, for web traffic purposes Twitter is the easiest and fastest ways to get people to you blog.

But in-order to get large amounts of   traffic from twitter you will need to get more twitter followers.

There are many ways you can do this via all sorts of plugins, however if getting valuable followers who share your content is what you want, doing it the old fashioned way works best. So here are 5 simple ways you can get more twitter followers at a steady rate.

Getting more twitter followers  (high value followers)is made simple with the 5 tips that follow. Try these tips for one month and i promise you will see a substantial increase in you twitter followers (high value followers) which means more traffic.

#1. Increase Twitter Engagement by using media

Get more twitter followers by using media in your tweets. Twitter used to be all about text but it has grown to include video,images and even slides.Using these types of media has shown to increase user engagement by up to 500%. Stats show,tweets that include media are much more likely to be re-tweeted and thereby help you get more twitter followers.

#2. Less urls more @mentions

Research completed by twitter showed that when news organisations decreased the amount of urls in their tweets and increased the amount of @mentions they experienced an increase of followers by up to 17%.

When i say decrease your use of urls in your tweets i’m not saying drop them all together instead i’m saying in-order to increase your twitter followers while simultaneously driving traffic to your blog you need to adjust your url to @mentions ratio.

#3. Tweet more to get more twitter followers.

Ever noticed how some people seem to add a tweet every minute? 90% of those people have bucket loads of twitter followers, studies show the more you tweet the more followers you will gain. Some report a gain of up to 50% more followers. Start by doubling your tweets this week.

#4. Retweet for more followers.

Get more twitter followers by RT. Twitter found that those who have an unusual amount of  natural twitter growth retweet 200% more than than other followers. People love to get their tweets shared and are more likely to share your tweets because you have shared theirs.

#5. Hashtags increase engagement and followers.

Research done by twitter found that users who use hashtags in tweets have seen a 100% increase in there user engagement and follower count.

Most bloggers fail to get valuable followers because they look for a short cut, but 100 engaged  users are better than 1000 users who could care less about your tweets.

In blogging there are many shortcuts but few of them are sustainable. I challenge you to employ these 5 tips for there next month and i promise yow will see a remarkable increase in your followers.

Thanks for reading, i’d like to  your experiences on trying to get more twitter followers. Please post a comment below

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