6 people you should follow for free targeted traffic


I know lots of bloggers content marketers and even companies who are confused about how and where they should be focusing their efforts when it comes to social media marketing and getting free targeted traffic.

There are so many techniques and guides out which will leave you confused and frustrated without results.

If you looking for a simple easy to follow guide, to point out what you should be doing and how it can generate you loads of leads, I’d like to offer up a technique (simple one i promise) i have been using since i started blogging (Yes this is not my only blog).

In my previous post i wrote on how to get more twitter followers, in this post i will be showing you who you should be following on the social networks and how following the right people can put your blog in front of the masses as an authority in your niche and send you loads of targeted traffic.

6 types of People / Brands you should be following on Social Networks to give your Blog massive exposure.

The common mistake you might of made is to start a blog, get on Twitter, Facebook and follow loads of people and companies in the hope they will follow you back. If you have been aimlessly following thousands on twitter and liking just about every page on Facebook stop, ill show you a better proven strategy I use with great success that brings results.

Warning – This is a in-depth guide (for those serious about traffic) and might require more than a few minutes to read, however when you have read it once you should be able to implement it easily and see results.

I added a summary at the end to help; you still need to read this full post at least once to understand the summary. You are going to enjoy this!

#1  Family and friends – Trusted Source Viral Wheel

Family and friends will follow you back 99 percent or the time assuming you’re a nice person (I’m sure you are).

I know some of you don’t like friends and family knowing that you have a blog or what you blog about this mentality makes you miss out on a huge traffic opportunity.

It might sound strange (to me it did at first) but the first people you should follow on social networks are your friends and family, they prove to be the most loyal of followers and show your clients or visitors you are human. They are also the people most likely to share your content.

Following friends and family gives your content Viral Potential.

Think about it if you share something with a family member they are more inclined to act upon your word than the word of a total stranger right? so by getting your family and friends to share your content you are giving your content a chance to go viral because just as your friends trust you their friends trust them. – This is what i call the Trusted Source Viral Wheel.

I have found that bloggers who don’t share their blog with family and friends are bloggers who aren’t committed to the success of their blogs.

#2 Authority (Trusted) Bloggers / Brands  in you niche.

I know you probably already following them and think you can skip this part i urge you to reconsider because if you don’t follow these simple guidelines you are wasting you time.

Following Trusted names in you niche is always a good idea, it allows you can analyze what works for them and replicate it on your blog. When an Authority in your niche shares your post it grants you access to their followers and fans which can translate into a huge traffic spike and new customers, but more importantly credibility in your niche.

Not all Authorities in you niche deserve your follow or like, below are some guidelines to who you should follow and who you should avoid.

Only follow bloggers who engage

If you are following or have liked some “trusted name” in your niche that doesn’t take the time to reply to you comment, tweet or email then it’s time to reconsider why are you doing it.

People like Pat of Smartpassive income , Neil Patel of Quiksprout and Ramsey of Blogtyrant (all trusted names in my niche) have huge audiences yet they manage to stay engaged its why their content gets shared and goes viral, people simply love the engagement.

These guys don’t only share their content they have no problem liking your Facebook page or following you on twitter or sharing your content provided it’s relevant to their niche and is well written and insightful.

So as a rule if some of the “Trusted Names” in you niche don’t engage move on and follow those who do.

Don’t follow a Broadcaster

A broadcaster is someone only interested in sharing their content. You’ve seen them before, they are the ones with high twitter follower counts but follow less than 10 percent of those people back. Unfollow or unlike them, all they are doing is crowding your feed which might cause you to miss something more interesting.

Follow where they engage most:

Find out where the big names engage the most and focus your efforts there. Some people prefer Facebook pages over Twitter and others prefer Pintrest or Google+, your job it to identify who you want to build a relationship with and be a presence where they engage most.

 #3 Target Market – Do Not Skip This Section!

This is an area where most bloggers or brands can do more, most believe the more followers / likes they have the better their chances of making money and although this can be true, following your target is a technique you simply must take advantage of.

Following your target market is a must, eg. if you are a camera shop you should be following loads of photographers (I’ll tell you why in a moment). Write down who your target market is go on and follow and engage with as many of them as you can (go big in this area).

I promote strategic Social Media Marketing and using this strategy means you end up with fewer fans but with higher conversion rates (meaning more income).

When it comes to following your target market I found the best strategy here is to follow as much as you can.

Why you should place more effort into following than in being followed.

By following your target market you show that you care about their interests and opinions which puts your brand / blog in front of them even it is just for a short period.

Often this will result in them following you back or liking your brand , you now have their attention and you can use the digital marketing techniques describe I described in a previous post to keep them interested and engaged.

Following enough of your target market will help you get a feel for what the market wants uses and what problems they have. This will allow you to tweak you content or product so it meets the needs of your market and increase you sales conversions and traffic exponentially.

Following your target market will also give you a sense for what does not work well in your niche this is vital information as providing something your market does not need can damage the credibility of your blog / brand and will greatly diminish new interest around you brand.

 #4  Follow and become a fan of your Competition

A good digital marketing strategy and social media marketing plan must incorporate ‘surveillance’ of the competition. This is similar to following authorities in your niche, but here is where we become a bit more targeted.

It is a good idea to follow competition that has a good foot hold in the market; these are the companies or brands that have likely already worked out more or less what the market needs. By following your competition, you’ll be able to see where their focus lies and thereby gain insight into where you should be focusing your efforts.

To get an upper hand on the competition, you need to familiarize yourself with what they are doing. Follow them where they engage most, see what they are promoting or sharing, take the time to analyze what they excel in, what they don’t and what they could do better.

Tweak your blog or brand to play to their weaknesses and promote your strengths. Explore new and innovative ways to incorporate the strengths of your competition without being a carbon copy of what they are doing.

Where possible, follow and sign-up to your competitions newsletters or promotions so you can stay up to date with what they are doing now and gage what they might do in the future.

Follow your competition and find out how they attract their customers/readers and what they use to keep their followers engaged, assuming that at the moment your brand is smaller than theirs, you should be getting vial information about how you can grow your brand.

 #5 Follow related markets

People have various interests, when you take a closer look into these interests, you will find that they are often related, e.g. people who are interested in DSLR cameras are likely to also be interested in lenses.

Branch out and follow brands that are related to your niche, explore ways to promote their products or services to benefit your current user base and make an affiliate income, e.g. if you have a blog on creative photography you should be following camera shops.

Pitch ad space to authorities in related markets by leveraging your audience.

 #6 Keep good company

Like the old saying goes, ‘you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends’ (I’d like to be your friend), follow people that have an interest in helping you succeed (that’s me), keep good online company, get rid of followers or broadcasters that are not interested in what you have to offer and follow those who engage.

PS: Who you should follow Summary as promised

  • Follow family and friend – these are the people most likely to share you content great traffic opportunity here.
  • Follow Authorities (who engage) in your niche – Great for traffic and building credibility in you niche.
  • Follow your target market – You should invest time here as this has great conversion rates.
  • Follow your competition – Beat them at their own game
  • Follow related markets – Great for expanding your income stream
  • Follow People interested in your success – Follow me on twitter, Facebook and Google+

Phew it took us a long time to get here thanks for reading friend hope you found this information valuable and will add it into your Digital Marketing Plan. Please comment below and engage with me on the social networks or even drop me and email if you like I love responding.


photo by: Yahoo!Yodel