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Why is this page called about you?

Cause its exactly that, this blog is more about you than it is about me. Its about helping you get the most out of your Blog by providing you with tips and inspiration to put your blog on the screens of thousands all over the world. I share my best Digital Marketing Techniques (and some other ideas) to not only bring you more readers but also help convert those readers to customers.

Benefits of this blog:

  • Ill show you new and exciting ways to earn a living from blogging.
  • Ill introduce you to what works and what does not when marketing your blog .
  • You will receive an occasional email in which ill share my most precious findings in the field of Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • You will get the inside scoop on the latest sustainable(Google update proof) SEO techniques.
  • I will help you find new ways to create a buzz around you blog.

The Catch:

  • To see results you have to put my tips into action.
  • Id like you to share the posts i put out (only if you find them insightful).
  • Drop a comment or two and email me sometime.
  • like some of my social network pages


I’m not going to go on and on about what i have achieved my tips i believe will speak for themselves. Besides i want no special treatment, i don’t consider my self a guru.

I see my self as lucky for achieving the successes i did over the years via blogging and therefore will not attempt to woo you or convince you to follow me by bragging about my achievements, instead ill simply share  a little bit about me so you know who you will be following.

My name is Chadwin, i’m aged 26 live in the beautiful city of Cape Town which is in South Africa. I have been blogging for over 8 years in various niches.

I’m passionate about Christ, People, Public Speaking Social media, Digital Marketing. and of-course BLOGGING.

The most important part of this page:

Id like to invite you to join on this blog, send me ideas, experiences and tips, post comments, drop me a mail if you’d like. This blog is about you after all so join the conversation.

PS: there is a reason i’m giving away information others will make you pay for at no cost find out why here 

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