4 Ways to make your blog 1000 times better

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Believe it or not but your offline ( away from your pc ) habits contribute hugely to the quality of your blog posts and your potential to become an A-list blogger. Carl Gustav Jung once said ” You are what you do, Not what you say you will do ”

Id like to modify the quote slightly and say ” You are the product of what you do “.

In this article id like to suggest some things you could do offline that will help you become a better blogger.

My list will serve as a starting point toward a better, healthier blogging future.  Also hidden in this post is a tip an A-list blogger gave me years ago that increased my readership and reader engagement beyond my wildest dreams.

Points ill cover in this post :

  • Exercise – The more energy you burn the more you gain.
  • Reading – Why reading traditional books are often better than an E-book.
  • Open Your mind – Get inspired by life, get the creative juices flowing.
  • Stop Blogging – the art of not writing

Exercise – The More energy you burn the more you gain.

If you aren’t exercising  you should start. Just as the mind needs various forms of activity to keep it stimulated so the body does too. Blogging can often turn you into a “couch potato”  especially when your starting out.

Newbie bloggers tend to eat more junk food while at a PC, don’t know why but its a known fact.

Even Millionaires find time to exercise.

Contrary to popular belief that when you rich ( a Millionaire) you don’t have to work hard or work long hours, most millionaires still work their asses off and are constantly busy, their lives entail lots of early mornings and late nights.

How do they keep this up? Simple they exercise (workout). When most people are just about waking up most millionaires have already finished their morning workout session. A good morning workout will give you the necessary boost to take on even the toughest day.

In order for your body to keep up with the late nights and early mornings a new blog demands you’ll have to equip it by making sure your fit and can handle the long hours without  feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck the following morning.

No Pain No Gain

Find time in your schedule to exercise its a guaranteed  concentration booster.

Reading – Why Reading traditional books are sometimes better than a E-Book :

As great and as useful a short focused eBook can be, there is no replacing the feeling you get when you just finished a traditional paperback book. E-books are a useful resource  but often fall short as most of them cover only  a segment of a particular topic.

Traditional books tend to cover topics in a more comprehensive or complete fashion.

E-books are often read via a PC screen which unlike a page in a book have substantially negative effect on your eyes.

Give your eyes a rest go to you local library and take out a book on anything you interested in (even blogging) or order some books online . Remember ” knowledge is power ” .

Trust me (a seasoned blogger) You’ll find it quite refreshing to take some time out from the old keyboard and screen once in a while (internet junkies cringe here).

Open Your mind – Get inspired by life and the outdoors, get the creative juices flowing :

Although the internet is vast source of information it lacks the ability to inspire unless you  know how to search effectively and search deep. The outside world (outdoors) however does not lack the ability to inspire, just ask any photographer, artist or landscape architect.

Think about how holiday resorts often focus their marketing on their outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes all designed to get you relaxed, there’s just something about the outdoors that makes you think more clearly and that get the creativity flowing.

Get inspired by life

A year ago I wrote a guest post on another blog about how a taxi cab driver taught me a valuable blogging technique that I use to this day and that still helps me engage my readers(ill tell you how another day I promise).

I recently read a post by Darren Rowse on problogger.net where he wrote about how his daughter taught him a valuable blogging lesson, so you see inspiration can be found offline.

In fact ill even goes as far as saying my best posts on all my blogs were often inspired by something offline .

” Open Your mind go offline and draw from life’s pure fountain of inspiration ”

Stop Blogging – the art of not writing :

Okay before you think I’ve gone nuts, give me a chance to explain.

Whether you are new to blogging or a seasoned blogger you will reach a point when posting regularly starts to feel like a chore especially if you blogging to make some cash.

The Best tip an A-list blogger ever gave me was and I quote ” STOP BLOGGING ”

Well obviously not completely and indefinitely, basically once you build an audience you can afford to relax you posting schedule slightly, at the time he gave me the above tip I was writing +-30 posts a week.

Due to the high number of posts I tried to complete in a week, some of my posts were to be blunt poor in quality and lacked depth, dropping to 10 a week and then one a day resulted in my blog engagement skyrocketing as my posts had more depth and were much more targeted to my reader interests.

Many A-list bloggers like myself promote blogging less as a way the increase reader anticipation and post quality.

So really posting less could possibly be the tip that you need that could turn your blog   into the next online phenomenon you dreamed it would become.

If this post has been helpful please consider sharing it via your choice of social networks. If you think you could add something valuable to the post please drop your comment below, I’m sure we can all benefit from your insights, tell us what helped you and what offline habits you have.


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